DRAKE ARCHERY ELITE Marlin - 54 inches or 58 inches - 20-50 lbs - hybrid bow RH LH and other draw weights please inquire.
DRAKE ARCHERY ELITE Marlin - 54 inches or 58 inches - 20-50 lbs - hybrid bow RH LH and other draw weights please inquire.

DRAKE ARCHERY ELITE Marlin - 54 inches or 58 inches - 20-50 lbs - hybrid bow RH LH and other draw weights please inquire.

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DRAKE ARCHERY ELITE Marlin - 54 Zoll u. 58"- 20-50 lbs - Hybridbogen

The DRAKE ARCHERY ELITE Marlin is a successful combination of different, harmonizing materials. Dymondwood in the riser, black fiberglass laminate in the limbs and bamboo strips that “frame” the riser and run throughout the bow result in a compact, slim and incredibly light bow.

The Dymondwood used is an innovative material, made from several layers of wood that are bonded with epoxy resin to form a highly stable material. The different layers of wood enable a completely new color design of the center piece and ensure an absolutely unique look in blue and black. The coloring makes the bow appear mysterious and mystical, as if it had just emerged from the legendary depths of the sea and was still in Poseidon's hand. Maybe that's why DRAKE Archery chose the name "Marlin", as this name refers to a powerful, fast marlin that is often found in particularly blue water and has beautiful blue markings on its scales.
Aside from its stunning appearance, the Dymondwood material also offers a number of technical advantages that make it so interesting for bow making: it is light, absorbs vibrations and allows for faster, more consistent shooting.

The grip area, which at first glance seems very slim, is “different” when you first pick it up, because its ergonomic shapes with a relatively flat palm rest are dimensioned so that they fit perfectly in the hand and certainly suggest a larger arch. This gives the bow a pleasant price-performance ratio and the shooter good control over it.

Of course, it's not just the look that looks good, the finesse of the hybrid bow is also quickly convincing. No wonder, as this type of bow combines the best of two worlds: at first glance it can be recognized as a longbow, but at 54 inches it is clearly too short to be a “real” longbow. However, he makes up for the lack of size with the typical feature of a recurve bow, the clearly visible reflex-deflex shape in the throwing arms, and thus cleverly combines the properties of a longbow with those of a recurve bow. The result is a compact bow with a smooth draw, high arrow speeds and a quick, complete reduction in vibrations in the handle. As is usual with a conventional longbow, the string of the hybrid bow does not touch the limbs, but only the tips.

ELITE - The best of DRAKE archery

Good things can be made even better! - DRAKE Archery follows this claim and brings the ELITE series of bows, limbs and risers onto the market that are unparalleled in their price segment. High-quality workmanship, modern materials and an attractive look come together to create recurve and hybrid bows with high quality standards without losing sight of the price-performance ratio.

As an expression of confidence in its own quality, the DRAKE Archery brand offers a 10-year guarantee* on all of its registered bows in the ELITE series. What are you waiting for? Convince yourself of DRAKE Archery.

We dispose of the original string for you and include a custom endless fast flight string in black/grey with the 54s.

The 58s get a spliced ​​one in black/blue.

Technical data:

  • Bow length: 54 inches and 58 inches
  • Draw weight: 20-50 lbs (in 5 lbs increments)
  • Recommended stand height: 8.5 inches
  • Maximum extension length: 30 inches
  • Weight: approx. 520 g (@ 25 lbs)
  • Material centerpiece: Dymondwood
  • Material limbs: Bamboo wood in the core, fiberglass laminate
  • Tendon: Dacron
  • String: black/blue for the 58" bow Fast Flight
  • Tips: Fast Flight suitable
  • Available as a right or left hand model.